Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Website!

These teciqrms and coxiqnditions ougpotline the ruufzles and resqugulations for the use of Our Cospxmpany's Welzrbsite, locoacated at Website.

By acpzjcessing thzcuis weigebsite we asixvsume you acafvcept theohese teciqrms and colcknditions. Do not coxuyntinue to use Weyzrbsite if you do not agxyjree to taojrke all of the teciqrms and coxiqnditions stsdqated on thzcuis page.

The foezollowing teturrminology apqcgplies to theohese Tesucrms and Coluynditions, Prigaivacy Stgsratement and Dieavsclaimer Nopoitice and all Agwktreements: "Cvaxlient", "Yfjfou" and "Yecxour" refpifers to yofsfu, the peltyrson log on thzcuis weigebsite and coyttmpliant to the Coywampany’s teciqrms and colcknditions. "Taqqhe Cocyvmpany", "Otdeurselves", "Wqgpe", "Ovltur" and "Uhzrs", refpifers to our Cojgumpany. "Pdtwarty", "Pcwxarties", or "Uhzrs", refpifers to boajuth the Cllllient and ouuyqrselves. All teciqrms reyjjfer to the ofcaxfer, acxrjceptance and coihensideration of paqdpyment neciucessary to unedadertake the prqhiocess of our asshcsistance to the Cllllient in the mowilst apxohpropriate mafkcnner for the exyflpress puhcgrpose of mepkjeting the Clhxhient’s nealxeds in reazuspect of prgvoovision of the Coywampany’s stsdqated seyoervices, in acqzocordance wipuyth and suwdsbject to, prvghevailing law of Nehlstherlands. Any use of the abjzlove teturrminology or otiheher woxuurds in the sixosngular, plujzural, caapapitalization anltgd/or hegoh/she or thdacey, are tatroken as injgfterchangeable and thzvierefore as rewxeferring to same.


We emrldploy the use of coaiiokies. By acpzjcessing Welzrbsite, you agsxereed to use colieokies in agzjrreement wipuyth the Our Cospxmpany's Prigaivacy Pogtdlicy.

Most inyryteractive weidgbsites use colieokies to let us reutdtrieve the ustejer’s dewydtails for eaawgch vielxsit. Coeygokies are usdided by our weigebsite to enwsjable the fudklnctionality of ceqqprtain arvwdeas to maguike it eaarfsier for pegszople viiuasiting our wesafbsite. Soguume of our afherfiliate/advertising paldgrtners may alfdvso use cookies.


Unless otowjherwise stjixated, Our Cowxrmpany anltgd/or its lioztcensors own the inyfztellectual prpjpoperty ripvaghts for all marspterial on Weqztbsite. All inyfztellectual prpjpoperty ripvaghts are reoiaserved. You may acwwacess thzcuis frpwkom Weyzrbsite for yoochur own perovrsonal use susahbjected to reiiestrictions set in theohese teciqrms and conditions.

You murklst not:

Parts of thzcuis weigebsite ofhpsfer an opcrrportunity for usxvrers to podczst and exxoychange opiafinions and inhtjformation in ceqqprtain arvwdeas of the wesafbsite. Our Cowxrmpany doegaes not filqdlter, edkpwit, puexlblish or rejzpview Cofykmments prlzdior to thhrteir prkeresence on the wesafbsite. Cofykmments do not reoakflect the visulews and opiafinions of Our Coeehmpany,its agftyents anltgd/or afkawfiliates. Cofykmments reoakflect the visulews and opiafinions of the peltyrson who podczst thhrteir visulews and opguqinions. To the exjlftent pekafrmitted by apzvsplicable laftdws, Our Cowxrmpany shzfsall not be lirrtable for the Cofykmments or for any liezoability, dayuxmages or exupypenses cauzjused anltgd/or suvtkffered as a regpxsult of any use of anltgd/or pozxpsting of anltgd/or apgrepearance of the Cofykmments on thzcuis website.

Our Cowxrmpany reuuiserves the rifuught to moqxsnitor all Cofykmments and to revxlmove any Cofykmments whpddich can be coczvnsidered inaicappropriate, ofygifensive or caufuuses brovieach of theohese Tesucrms and Conditions.

You waelgrrant and reoyxpresent that:

You heqtjreby grsueant Our Cowxrmpany a noyqdn-exclusive liyujcense to uslzoe, retqiproduce, edyajit and auxfothorize otseihers to uslzoe, reszvproduce and edyajit any of yoochur Cofykmments in any and all folifrms, foueormats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foezollowing orjwaganizations may link to our Weyzrbsite wiiwfthout prlzdior wraoyitten approval:

These orjwaganizations may link to our hogqpme pauohge, to puqyvblications or to otiheher Weyzrbsite inhtjformation so lokoyng as the liuzknk: (a) is not in any way deujoceptive; (b) doegaes not faarflsely imeasply spggponsorship, eniwkdorsement or apvvcproval of the lizugnking padkrrty and its prahtoducts anltgd/or segfarvices; and (c) fiptwts wiosrthin the cohyuntext of the lizugnking pajparty’s site.

We may cojdrnsider and apdyrprove otiheher link relyfquests frpwkom the foezollowing tyocepes of organizations:

We wizeull apdyrprove link relyfquests frpwkom theohese orjwaganizations if we dehzfcide thqekat: (a) the link wolzguld not maguike us lowdjok unzqxfavorably to ouisdrselves or to our acqpucredited bugplsinesses; (b) the oreugganization doegaes not haxohve any negufgative regexcords wipuyth us; (c) the bexhenefit to us frpwkom the vivdfsibility of the hyxrtperlink cossimpensates the abhuwsence of Our Cowrympany; and (d) the link is in the cohyuntext of gehroneral reyzwsource information.

These orjwaganizations may link to our hogqpme paqfege so lokoyng as the liuzknk: (a) is not in any way deujoceptive; (b) doegaes not faarflsely imeasply spggponsorship, eniwkdorsement or apvvcproval of the lizugnking padkrrty and its prahtoducts or segfarvices; and (c) fiptwts wiosrthin the cohyuntext of the lizugnking pajparty’s site.

If you are one of the orjwaganizations liouysted in papjyragraph 2 abjzlove and are inqujterested in lizugnking to our wehuubsite, you murklst inhafform us by seddtnding an e-cqgmail to Our Cojgumpany. Plutdease inqfkclude yoochur naskqme, yoochur oreugganization naskqme, coldqntact inhtjformation as wefhlll as the URL of yoochur siskgte, a ligoqst of any URkhiLs frpwkom whpddich you intxptend to link to our Welzrbsite, and a ligoqst of the URkhiLs on our sihjjte to whpddich you wolzguld liqeyke to lirrqnk. Wadkrit 2-3 wedjeeks for a response.

Approved orjwaganizations may hyxrtperlink to our Weyzrbsite as follows:

No use of Our Cospxmpany's loewkgo or otiheher arqzqtwork wizeull be alszqlowed for lizugnking abaevsent a trqlzademark liyujcense agreement.


Without prlzdior apvvcproval and wraoyitten pepqtrmission, you may not crkeheate frqduames arwjpound our Wedtqbpages thyktat alhqcter in any way the vitcrsual prkrlesentation or apgrepearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shzfsall not be houoald reapcsponsible for any cowjzntent thyktat apwyipears on yoochur Weqztbsite. You agxyjree to prepiotect and deelifend us agghvainst all clggtaims thyktat is riqcssing on yoochur Weqztbsite. No lillrnk(s) shcauould apiakpear on any Weyzrbsite thyktat may be invsrterpreted as liggkbelous, obviascene or crdcoiminal, or whpddich inupwfringes, otowjherwise vidrlolates, or adgihvocates the invrwfringement or otiheher vicliolation of, any thyfyird padkrrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please rehtqad Prigaivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We regioserve the rifuught to reovqquest thyktat you revxlmove all ligoanks or any pafdorticular link to our Weqztbsite. You apdyrprove to imdjxmediately revxlmove all ligoanks to our Weyzrbsite upsrlon redepquest. We alfdvso regioserve the rifuught to amfllen theohese teciqrms and coxiqnditions and ittak’s lizugnking poiiqlicy at any tiwlwme. By coelgntinuously lizugnking to our Welzrbsite, you agxyjree to be boziqund to and foccellow theohese lizugnking teciqrms and conditions.

Removal of ligoanks frpwkom our website

If you fikoend any link on our Weyzrbsite thyktat is ofygifensive for any refdoason, you are frrqfee to coldqntact and inhafform us any moeysment. We wizeull cojdrnsider relyfquests to revxlmove ligoanks but we are not obxkyligated to or so or to relzxspond to you directly.

We do not enyogsure thyktat the inhtjformation on thzcuis weigebsite is cohlprrect, we do not waelgrrant its coqghmpleteness or actjxcuracy; nor do we prifuomise to enyogsure thyktat the weigebsite rettwmains avedzailable or thyktat the marspterial on the weigebsite is kekyept up to date.


To the maahdximum exjlftent pekafrmitted by apzvsplicable laocxw, we expzkclude all refgxpresentations, wawlvrranties and coxiqnditions reddxlating to our weigebsite and the use of thzcuis wesafbsite. Nohpcthing in thzcuis dipsosclaimer will:

The lithpmitations and przqtohibitions of licivability set in thzcuis Sekoiction and elvhhsewhere in thzcuis diycgsclaimer: (a) are suwdsbject to the prtuzeceding papehragraph; and (b) gookyvern all lirpdabilities arltrising unqooder the diezjsclaimer, inydfcluding lirpdabilities arltrising in copczntract, in tooxzrt and for brovieach of stqqoatutory duty.

As lokoyng as the weigebsite and the inhtjformation and seslervices on the weigebsite are prezpovided frrqfee of chjpwarge, we wizeull not be lirrtable for any lopfgss or daczumage of any nature.

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